Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Guy, My Guy, My Guy, Talkin' bout My Guy

What do most women do when an appliance or something in their house breaks?

I'm blessed because I have this guy to "call".
He may just look like my husband, but he is my fix it guy. (Who doubles as my landscaper/gardener this time of year. LOL!)

My washing machine started acting funky again, and he knew what needed to be done right away. The solenoid valve needed to be cleaned out.
With a new well comes silt, that can reek havoc with valves and filters in the house.
Now this wonderful fix it guy really needs to make time to put install the house water filter we bought a year ago.

Thank you God for a man who knows how to fix my problems. In more ways than one!


  1. My guy is very handy around the house too. He has done most of the renovations on our new home and saved us a heap of money.

    It is great when you have a husband that can do all these things.

  2. Your Guy, sounds a lot like my guy! He's saved us thousands on repairs to my car, if not having to buy a new car outright. Aren't we blessed to have them?