Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At Least Another Year

A few months ago I briefly mentioned that our son Jacob (15) was seriously considering going to the public high school. He will be starting 10th grade and has made a lot friends that go there. The high school covers the entire county and has over 1400 students. They have plenty of extracurricular activities for the students which includes an incredible performing arts program. This was the biggest draw for Jacob. The opportunity to showcase his musical talents and expand those horizons.

Mike and I have always told the kids that if they ever wanted to go back to school and stop home schooling we would support them. So when Jacob told us this was his desire we did what we could to support his decision. Even if my support came reluctantly and with lots of prayers in the process.

School started yesterday in the county and Jacob has been sleeping late each of the last 2 days. Guess he decided he had it better at home? I can tell he is lonely for the friends he had available to him all day every day this past summer that are now off to school, but I'm confident he made the right choice.

Being a home schooling mom I sometimes feel like I'm also a cruise ship director. I'm required to always keep everyone entertained or on time for the next port of call. Most every day I get asked, "What are we doing today?" And if I fall short in this job there may be a mutiny. Was that the reason for him wanting to go to public school? I fell short? Am I the only one who sometimes feels this way?

For now I'll just cherish another year of homeschooling with my son, and pray that what may come next school year will be the best choice for him and his future.

But just look at the mascot differences!!! Oh Lord, I've got my work cut out for me!! LOL


  1. That's rough for Jacob! I combated loneliness by getting super-involved in my church...and good ol' fashioned pen-pals. Keep up the good work though!

  2. Our approach is somewhat different. When the kids have brought it up, we have considered it honestly and prayed about it, but we always left the decision with us. So far the decision has been to say "no" to our public schools.

    The social aspects, as well as sports, fine arts, etc., are all real considerations and there are real losses in this regard, but....

    I just read this morning that our local high school received an "Academically Unacceptable" rating from the state. Ouch! We believe our decisions have been best, but each year (apart from that rating!) keeping the kids at home is a harder decision to make. We are looking at the Catholic schools nearby as a possibility for the future... even that isn't easy, though.

    Interestingly, our local high school's mascot is a knight!

  3. I don't know how I would react if one of my kids decided to switch up. But, I hope I would have as much grace as you seem to. You gave him a good foundation and a pair of wings. Now you get to see him test it out. Oh, parenthood - the only job where the goal is to work yourself into unemployment....