Saturday, August 28, 2010

Working to Keep It Natural - Idiom?

When Mike and I chose to put in a front walk that was intended to look natural and not concrete poured, we (ok I) had no idea what kind of work was involved to keep it looking "natural".

Maybe because last summer just to get grass to grow anywhere in our yard was a phenomena, I didn't know it could be a lot of work.

This summer grass is growing and without even realizing it, it began to cover the stones of the walk. The other day Mike mentioned how wet his feet were from the dew as he walked over the walk way. He complained and said he was thinking of putting in a concrete path.

NO! I really want to keep it more "natural" looking!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, warm but not too humid so I got out on my hands and knees and went to work. I actually found some stones that were completely covered with grass! I didn't get to finish, sweat began to run into my eyes, still have about 6 more stones to work on (as you can see). Will try to get to that today.
It certainly looks better than it did!


  1. It looks lovely! It is amazing how much work goes into to looking natural!

  2. The walk and the sweater look great!!! Good work!