Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have Succeeded

For as long as I can remember my parents always had people over their house to visit. Friday nights, especially during lent, my parents would cook fish'n chips, and Sunday afternoon would be steaks on the grill.

There would be entertainment too! My father even had his own little group for a while. He would sing, there were a couple of guitarist, and my mom and aunt were the back up singers. And everyone was allowed to bring their talents and join in the fun and do their own performance. It was kind of like an open mic night in the back yard or basement. Sometimes I think my husband fell more in love with all that before he even fell for me!!

My parents didn't have a huge home, and they weren't overly wealthy, but they ALWAYS shared everything they had and did it with gusto!!

Maybe that is why I've always felt the need to be a good hostess? We don't have gatherings the way my parents did, but when we do have people over the house I try to give it my all. Even when it is just my kids friends, I try to make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed!

Yesterday my nephew called out of the blue. Him and friend were in the area and he asked, "If we stop in would you be able to hook us up with some home cooked food?" This phone call and visit has made my entire week!!
I feel like my entire existence has been justified and I've succeeded in making my loved ones feel welcome!! Not only did my nephew know he could call me unexpectadly, and bring a friend to my home, but he also knew I would have "home cooked" food!!

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  1. Keep up the good work Michelle. Your home is quite welcoming to all and very comfortable. I know we all love going there. See you soon. Much love, Mom