Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little Crushed!

A few weeks ago when I was really sick and could barely get out of bed, it was necessary for us to buy a few loaves of bread. A week or so after my illness, even when I was up and around again, we still bought a few more loaves as well as hamburger buns.

Last Friday, I got back on to my bread baking schedule. Even made hamburger buns again for burger dinner this past Monday. I have to say they tasted sooo much better!!

Now today, I should be baking bread again, but I've since learned Mike prefers the bought bread!! When I asked him if he wanted to buy a loaf of bread when he went to town today, instead of the response I was hoping to get, "I would prefer it if you baked a loaf, sweetie!" I got, "Sure will!!"

I'm confident he'll say something like, "I just don't like making more work for you." But I know this is his kind way of saying, "I much prefer store bought bread." Remember we've been married 23+ years and I can read the man like a book!

**Sigh!!** Not sure what to do with this new information... feeling a little crushed!

1 comment:

  1. Oh for the Love of God! It is going to be in the 90's today (again)and I can't see running
    the oven to make bread all while the A/C is on. Kind of defeats the purpose.
    Hunny, I love you and whatever concoction you make, and am thankful to have a wonderful wife that is as AWESOME in the Kitchen as she is elsewhere:)