Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Summons

As I mentioned in previous posts, my niece got married yesterday. She lives in Massachusetts, and although we were all invited to attend we just couldn't make the trip. But, for the past few days it is all I've been able to think about. All my family together to celebrate, and I couldn't be part of it. Yesterday was especially difficult and they were all I thought of most of the day.

While sitting in church last night and having my thoughts once again drift to my niece and my family the choir sang the song "The Summons". Some of the lyrics: Will you come and follow me If I just call your name?... The song really struck a chord for me.

When Mike and I offered up in prayer the opportunity for God to take a hand in our decision to move away He did. He sold our house, gave Mike a job and provided us with a new home. It all happened so quickly, and in a declining economy, there was no doubt God had control. We weren't sure why at that time, but I do know now it was to be here for my father to live and die in peace last year. I am confident still that our lives here are for a reason no matter how great or small.

God asks us to follow a path sometimes that pull us away from the ones we love. Much like when he asked the disciples, "Put down your nets and come follow me." He wasn't just talking about leaving their possessions He wanted them to leave their families too.

Although I don't believe I have a huge purpose like that of the disciples, I find solace in knowing that although I can't always be with my family I'm here in Virginia because that is where God needs me to be.


  1. We spent five years in Texas, and then one year in Austria, missing all the weddings, funerals, births and reunions happening in California. I totally know what you are talking about! It was so hard for the first two years or so, but God was so clearly leading us, that we knew that we were in the place He had for us! Slowly, He began filling our lives with friends (as dear as family) who brought me such comfort when we would miss yet another big event. I will pray that your heart will be comforted. There is great peace knowing that you are in His will.

  2. Michelle, you were very missed. I don't know how many times we mentioned you during the day. It was very beautiful. Someone commented that they hadn't had that much fun since Michelle and Mikes wedding. I think it might have been Laura. A great time was had by all and you were missed. Love you, Mom p.s. see you tomorrow!