Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Needles and Shovels

I'm up way too early today so I figured it would be a good time to do some blogging and catch you up on my knitting and the garden's harvest...

Finished one of the socks that I've been knitting in the Hedera pattern by Cookie A. I've made these socks before and they are super easy and pretty. This yarn was some the shop in CT chose and mailed to me and it is super pretty.
I may be giving this pair away.... we'll see.

Here is my Top Down Scoop Neck Cardigan by Janet Soucy. I made the smaller size in this pattern and it seems smaller than expected. Made mom the medium and it fits her perfectly. Was thinking of someone in particular for this, but it may not work now. We'll have to see once it is finished and off the needles, sometimes it just looks small before it is done. Yes, I'm pushing forward!

This time I didn't forget to take a photo of the potatoes Mike dug. Again, the garden is only in its' first year of harvest and this Virginia clay, excuse me soil, takes A LOT of doctoring before it will produce a plentiful crop. We are still surprisingly pleased with it!
Notice the peppers, which have grown beautifully, and the acorn squash which is only 1 of about 5 we have!

Can't help but look at our 6+, 5 of which is wooded and on the side of a mountain ridge, and think where can we expand our garden to for next year? However, Mike quickly reminds me it is him that does the majority of the work (okay 95% of it is a pretty big majority) and he isn't as excited to expand as I am. But gosh do I LOVE the rewards of having a garden!!


  1. That is so awesome you guys are getting stuff from your garden. I get enough tomatoes to snack while I water and there are a few peppers that I am really counting on! :)
    Your knitting is lovely. I still haven't tried socks, but yours are inspiring! :)

  2. Ooh, I love the socks. I'll have to add that pattern to my to do list.

  3. LOVE the socks!! Hedera is such a FUN pattern to knit! I made a pair of these early in the summer. Woo Hoo for Cookie A!!