Friday, January 23, 2009

Back To Work!

We had a beautiful spring weather day today in Central Virginia. The temp hit a toasty 64 degrees! We went for a walk (operative word) to the mail box. Which, when I tell you a walk, it is actually an uphill hike coming home .3 miles long! Any how, near the beginning of our road is an awesome field. So, here is a picture of our dog Otto enjoying the field and the walk!

Mike just had a wonderful 4 days off from work. As I blogged on Tuesday, we had hoped to spend time in SC with sister Suzanne, that didn't get to happen. But, we did enjoy being home together for the past 4 days anyway.

Mike goes back to work tomorrow and the kids and I will begin our 3rd quarter in school. Hopefully the next 4 days will go just as fast!!

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