Monday, January 26, 2009

Laundry Day!

My wonderful husband has spoiled me in more ways than I can express in just one blog post. This post, however, will be about how he can fix anything. If it is breaks around here no problem, "Daddy will fix it!" is the mantra. At least it is RARE when he can't.

I'm sad to admit that we have found such is the case with my Maytag Neptune Washing Machine. Since our move to the new house, my Maytag randomly stops in the middle of a wash cycle. So what used to take 40 minutes can now take all day. The machine starts right back up when I press the start button, but unless I realize that it has stopped it just sits there.

Mike has looked at it and thinks he knows what the problem is, but I guess it will take quite a bit of work to fix it. So, until my incredibly talented "fix-it-man" husband can take on the task, my laundry day will be just that, laundry DAY.

At least if I'm stuck (yeah, like that is a bad thing?) at home doing laundry, at least I have this wonderful view out my front window. While I knit (of course!), and listen for the washer to stop.

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  1. Hi Neptuner,

    If your Maytag Neptune shuts down in the rinse cycles see F.A.Q. #8 in particular. You will discover this issue will probably be the cheapest issue to fix for your Neptune.

    Also, I would replace the door latch wax motor if you hava a MAH3000, MAH4000. MAH5500A or a 2000 Stacker Neptune. When this wax motor fails it will damage your machine control board. If your machine has already been damaged you will know it because the door locked light will not come on and your clothes will be soakin' wet after the wash cycle completes.

    If your machine control board has burnt already you can purchase a repair kit and wax motor here

    If you have not experienced the door latch wax motor failure then you can replace the part, #12002535, proactively and prevent the machine control failure which will save you washer down time.

    I hope this helps all you Neptuners!