Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Blessed Home

Our home is now blessed! Father Kelly, our pastor, came and blessed our home and had dinner. After dinner we adjourned to Jacob's bedroom/recording studio where Jacob entertained us with his piano talents. Then Father Kelly showed us his hidden guitar talents. He played and sang a song, and seemed quite proud. We were thrilled he shared his secret.

It was a wonderful evening. I remembered my nieces advise, about Martha and Mary enjoying Jesus' visit, and that helped immensely! Thank you Joc!

I hadn't stressed too much while preparing for the visit. I asked Haley to vacuum in the morning and when you have that girl get the vacuum going she'll suck up anything that isn't tied down! She was on such a roll I didn't have to worry about any house keeping before company. It was great!

Father seemed to enjoy himself just as much as we did having him, and we plan to have him back. Probably when Mom and Dad visit in April for Easter! Maybe we'll plan to have a few friends over for an open house.

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  1. So glad to hear that the dinner and blessing of the house went well. I think it is so cool that Jake has a recording studio in his room! I can't wait to hear some of his music! By the way, I love the bath cloths Haley made my mom. They are so nice and am extremely impressed by her talent. I am interested to check out the pattern. That was such a great gift idea!