Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Personal Therapy

Can't believe I'm actually going to show you photos of how our downstairs currently looks, but here it goes.

Straight ahead (about where that white barrel is) Mike is putting a wall with a door that will make a storage/boiler room. I'm also imagining this wall will have bookshelves for ALL our books. Over to the right (you can't see) Mike has put in the 4th bedroom. (Read his blog and you will see photos of it.) We just need to paint and figure out what we want to do with the floor.

This photo shows some of our organized chaos. http://connecticuttransplants.blogspot.com/2009/01/organized-chaos.html There are boxes to go to the spring church yard sale. Boxes that have lots of old photos, videos and books, for that much anticipated storage room. Over in the left corner is plumbing for the 3rd bathroom if we so decide. The rest of the area will be family room.

To the left (again you can't see it here) Mike has petitioned off a mud room, and again we have to figure out what to do with the floor. The rest of this area will be our family room.

The method for my madness in showing you our chaos it to provide some incentive to getting it all in order. If I post the before, it will inspire us to post the after. I do realize it may take us several more months (or a year) to get this where we want it to be. But, until now I avoided even going down there. That can't happen any more. I need to confront this and tackle it!

Please realize for my a-type personality this is a huge step for me. I'm allowing you to see my mess! A mess I wish I could snap my fingers at and have just the way I want it immediately. But, I can't and it will some day be the way we envision it, all in due time.

Realization: This blog has been like therapy for me.

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  1. I can totally sympathize with the whole dislike for messes. I am the same way...I like it clean and clean now. I am sure you will have it all organized in not time and on the bright side, you can see a ton of the floor :) Can't wait to see the after pictures! p.s. I didn't know Uncle Mike had a blog. what's the url?