Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Weather Humorous

Adding to the last post, Mike decided yesterday was the day to finish emptying the rental house. Although there wasn't too much left at the house, bringing what there was has only added to my "organized chaos". Now the rental is empty and cleaned!

We are getting some cold days in Central Virginia! A frigid 28. Being we are New Englanders at heart, this isn't too big a deal. We couldn't help but chuckle when watching the local news last night and the warning to the people of frost bite. Oh but the wind, it may be in the teens. Wow! They even canceled school in couple of counties because of the "frigid" weather. It is crazy!

To my New England brethren, thought you would enjoy the humor!

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  1. Thanks for the compliment on the scarf :) I'm still with relatively simple patterns but I'm getting there. I definitely appreciate this blog entry and the humor in the fact that southerners think 28 degrees is extremely cold. I would love it to be 28 here. Today it's 2 degrees and with wind chill feels like -8! Enjoy the warmth haha <3