Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not in New England Anymore Totto

It's one thing to know that here in Virginia we have poisonous snakes. It's an entirely different thing when you actually find one dead in the driveway and see them for yourself!! Oh my gosh!!

It's a Southern Copperhead. A baby, but still!!
Seriously considering keeping the kids, the dog, the cat and myself locked in the house now!! We never had these in New England!


  1. Sorry hunny, got some info from The Virginia wildlife Dept. It is actually an Eastern Hognose which is not seen much in these here parts especially this color. (Non Venomous)

  2. I feel ya! We kill a couple of rattlers every year out here in Cali. I am pretty sure we lost one (maybe two) rabbits to a rattlesnake, and I almost stepped on one with bare feet last summer! I grew up making pets out of gopher snakes, but this is terrifying!

  3. Gotta agree with Mike. It's not a copperhead. Fear not for thy children and pets. BTW, hognoses are venomous, but are not really considered so because their venom isn't potent enough to be harmful to humans. Just the mice they eat.

  4. I know how you are feeling about the snake. I make sure to put the breeze way light on now when I go out if it is dark. Even though the one I saw (alive) was not poisonous it scared the heck out of me.