Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh What a Day!

Have I ever mentioned Mike works for Frito Lay? Well he does! Although there are a lot of things I'm sure he would change about the day to day operations of the place he works, there are some really good things they do for the employees.

Like: Every summer they give the employees tickets for their entire family to go to King's Dominion here in Virginia. Plus "food coupons"! Our family received $60 in food vouchers.

Because we home school we opted to take our kids yesterday, after most everyone was back in school. It was a hot 90 degree day and it was perfect! The best part being the longest we waited to do any ride was 10 minutes (maybe). When at the prime of the season there can be 1 or 2 hour wait for the most popular rides!

The place is HUGE! I don't think we walked that much when we took the kids to Disney World! There is sooo much to do!

We spent a few hours in the water park where we all got wet and laughed until we cried! Sorry no photos the camera stayed tucked safely away in the locker.

After drying off we headed to the "dry" rides!! Faith enjoyed the slower paced stuff, Jake was the thrill seeker and Haley just watched it all go down (she's the safe one, the merry go round is her favorite).

Here is the ride Jacob sought out: The Intimidator 305
Faith dreaming about getting to go on the intimidator:
And Haley content to watch Jacob on the intimidator:

All I could think to myself, "Where is that little boy that used to want to ride the fire engine around in a circle?" Gone are the days I guess.

Although this morning there are a few of us doctoring blisters, and all of us have sore feet, we are already talking about next year's trip!!

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  1. looks like lots of fun. We don't have any parks here like that. I have to travel to the Gold Coast, Sydney or Perth to find one.