Friday, September 3, 2010

Ready for Colder Weather

As I look back at all the knitting/crocheting I've done for the summer, I'm quite impressed with my efforts. Not only have I gifted a few items I've also added to my wardrobe for the coming winter! 2 new sweaters: Olivine and Summer's End and 3 pairs of socks: a basic ribbed pair and Embossed Leaves

Then here are the most recent finished pair. Hedera by Cookie A.
I RARELY buy myself any clothing! I'm not much of a shopper and would rather get my kids clothes than myself when the mood finally strikes. So I'm feeling really good about my accomplishments and am ready for the weather to turn colder!


  1. Love the Hedera socks! You've been quite busy.

    I'm with ya on the weather turning colder. (it's actually only in the 80's so far today! brrrr!)