Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visit with Family

Although it was a short a visit, it was a wonderful visit with cousin Larry, his wife Diane and their two sons, Zeb and Eli.

Our 3+ hours of travel (each way) went just swimmingly. In other words, Faith didn't get car sick thanks to anti motion sickness pills.

Here are a few photos of our trip.
The kids enjoying the pool.

The beautiful water fall and pond Zeb put in a few years ago.

Cousin Larry

Faith enjoying some dessert after a swim in the pool.

All the men enjoying some dessert while watching VT football.

Some of the many trees growing on the farm. It is really cool to look out at all the rows of trees.

A scenic lookout on the ride home.

Are you kidding? Never in my life have I seen this!

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  1. LOL! I saw a sign like that in Nevada. I also saw a longhorn crossing sign! I guess sometimes the cattle get out and cross the little highways! It was pretty fun for this Texan to see that out there. :)

    My favorite, though, is in Heidelberg, Germany near the castle (and other places, of course, but this is where I first saw one.) It's a frog crossing sign. You can see one here:

    (though they apparently have them in the US, too!)