Friday, September 17, 2010

It's That Time of Year!

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the apple orchard.

This year we ventured out to another county and a different orchard. We were able to chat with the wife of the son of the owner. (Did you follow that?) They are the 7th generation on the farm and she was telling us how her mother-in-law has the original deed for the property and it was signed over from King George. LOVE that kind of genealogical history!!
No I didn't have a 4th child, Jake brought a friend.
We were able to pick red and golden delicious off the trees, and some were over a lb. each!! They were huge!
I made a pie using only 3 of the apples.
After apple picking we went to the Devil's Backbone Brewery, had a small bite to eat and a drink.
Then we went to the grocery store, bought some ice cream and found a place to sit and enjoy that!!
It was a simple day, but we all had a great day!


  1. Looks like tons of fun! My mom has a small orchard, so we get to pick apples, too. And grapes in her little vineyard. The grapes are my favorite. Yum!

  2. Sure do miss picking those apples. That was one of our favorite trips in MA. going to Brookfield Orchards and then in your old neck of the woods in CT to Woodstock. Now I buy 1 or 2 apples and sometimes have to bake it before it goes bad. No one here to eat apple pie!!!!

  3. Just had some of my turkey egg plant casserole. Then heading to the arcade for their Mega bingo and ice cream social. The jackpot is up to $800.00. Special rules, hard to make it. You have to get a full card within the first letter G called. (say is was # 50)Make bingo before 50 numbers are called. If there is not a winner they continue for $20.00. Then Mahjongg!! How is that going up there?