Monday, September 6, 2010

We're Hitting the Road

Mike has been working a lot of overtime! Add to that his regular schedule is really lousy Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 7a -7p. Thursday night he made the comment, "Tomorrow begins my 3 day sentence to Hell." It is really hard to see the man you love in such a state! Especially when you know what he's doing is to provide for the family.

So when he mentioned he wanted to take a trip to visit cousin Larry and his family, how could I refuse?

My cousin lives in south western Virginia on a lovely 90+ acre tree farm, about 3 hours from us. Mike and him are like 2 peas in a pod and because Larry is in his late 50's he is like a big brother to Mike. Mike does have 2 older brothers, but the relationships aren't like that.

I'm packing the kids and the dog up, loading the truck, picking Mike up at work and we're off to visit overnight with Larry. Mike's one day off will be tomorrow and we had nothing planned I had to agree!

I'm a home body, there I admit it. I love to be at home! Which works out really well for my carrier of being a SAHM!! It's really funny too because my oldest sister is a go, go, go, kind of gal and has even made the comment, "Poor Michelle." Like being at home was some kind of punishment for me!! It's really funny!

But, I'm breaking the mold this week and I'm headed out! All in the name of love for my husband and okay I'll admit this too, I enjoy spending time with Larry and his wife Diane. It will be well worth it for all of us!

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