Monday, June 21, 2010

Changing It for the Better

I'm a creature of habit, I love a routine! Doesn't everyone? Everything in its place and predictable. Ah pure heaven to my A type personality. However, sometimes I think it is good to challenge one's self and change it up a bit!

Last July when we returned from Massachusetts after my father's funeral, my wonderful husband encouraged me to start walking in the morning. On the days he was home he would even join me. Lord knows I truly needed the endorphins and that was the reason for Mike suggesting it. I continued on that routine right through to Thanksgiving too. Then when the cold began lasting until later in the morning my routine was broken and the walk was dropped.

Now that summer is in full swing here in Virginia, and the anniversary of Dad's death is fast approaching, again my wonderful husband has been encouraging me to add my walk back into the routine. It takes some courage to change my routine, especially when I'm adding exercise to it, but I did begin on Saturday. I must say, it is feeling pretty good. Most likely it's the endorphins talking, but I'm going to continue.

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  1. I've been missing my evening walk, but it's just been too hot out! I worry about my dog. She pants for hours after we get back, so we just haven't been going until it cools off some.