Wednesday, June 2, 2010


For the summer Jacob's piano lesson is on Tuesdays. So, this will be the day I try to do any errands in the city while I'm there.

Yesterday, while Jacob was in his lesson it was just too hot to sit in the car and knit like I normally would, so I ventured to the university's book store. (Barnes & Noble) I wandered around browsing and look at this bargain I came across:

Although I don't have kids the ages for the patterns in the book how could I resist a knitting book for only $1.00? No that is not a typo I got it right $1.00! Score!!

Here are just some of the designs that are in the book. I'll just continue to peruse it until maybe a niece or two has a baby for me to knit for...

A Boy's Own Jacket

Kaleidoscope Throw

Outdoor Snuggle


  1. Trying not to be jealous.... :)
    Very cool!

  2. Great bargain! I love that kaleidoscope throw. It's bright enough to blind you.

  3. What a spectacular find.... love the stuff in there, inspiration abounds:)