Monday, June 7, 2010

A Knitter Prepares

I'll put pictures up of the (nearly) finished socks when they are done and the (nearly) finished afghan when it is complete. The socks I only have a toe to sew and the afghan I just need to finish the border.

So yesterday I spent time preparing for the next projects. I bought this pattern: (for me again!)
And wound this yarn to make it: Louet in Hunter Green
There always has to be a pair of socks in the making, because they travel so well, so I wound some Hand Painted Nichole, the color is Vanessa Bell. Still debating what pattern the socks will be, but isn't it poetic when this:
goes onto this:
and becomes this tidy little ball of this?
Oh the potential... It could bring a knitter to tears....


  1. That is some beautiful yarn!

    I'm shopping for a swift. Which do you have? Would you recommend it? I'm looking at the "tabletop" kind as I have only one place where my winder can be mounted and I can't add a swift there. Everything else is too thick to mount anything on. Anyway, I'm not completely sold on tabletop, so I'd like to hear about yours.

    I can't believe I've gotten along without one for this long!

  2. Oh, and Becomewhatyouare, I have a Knit Picks swift that I LOVE.

  3. Becomewhatyouare, the box says, "the Legacy Umbrella Swift Small" that is all, and I LOVE it! I don't leave it up because the only place it fits is on my butcher block island in the kitchen. I paid $70, but bet I could have gotten it cheaper if I had taken the time to shop around. Good luck! Let me know what you get! Unbelievable you've made it this long that is inspirational!!!

  4. I really like that sweater. It will look great on you. lol, Mom

  5. My kids don't find it inspirational. They find it annoying since they do the job of the swift for me!!!! LOL!