Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trust in God

My hard working husband has had elbows that look like this for some time:
They had never caused him a lot of pain. Only when bumped.

Several years ago a doctor diagnosed him with bone spurs. Not an uncommon ailment. We knew the only way to correct it however was surgery. The only problem would be that he needed to schedule his vacation for the time of the surgery because he is our sole provider and we really can't manage without his income for any length of time. With his elbows never being painful and him always being able to continue working with them vacation was always spent for other reasons and he never had the surgery.

Last month the pain he was in with the left elbow became unbearable and constant. He made an appointment and met with an orthopedic surgeon a few weeks ago to find out what had changed. The doctor discovered the left elbow bone spur actually was cracked. Thus, surgery can not be put off any longer!!

Now we prepare for his vacation to co-ordinate with his surgery and get ourselves prepared financially to handle him being out of work for longer than 2 weeks in case the healing doesn't go as planned.

I'm praying hard and trusting in God!! But I must admit that this is a lot harder for my human flawed self to do than I care to say.

The other morning I had a dream my father was riding in a car with me while I drove and he was holding my hand. He didn't speak, but I saw his hand and his face and knew he was there. Do you think this may be God's way of letting me know He's hearing my prayers? And I need to just trust?


  1. Wow. Poor guy! I bet that does hurt. Praying that everything falls together and that his healing and recovery is quick!

    Yes, yes, I do think you are being reminded to trust. :) Easier said than done, sometimes, but remember, it's just a decision, not a feeling.

  2. I will certainly be praying for your family. I know you can do it!

    There is no doubt in my mind that God let your father comfort you there. Isn't it wonderful that our parents are always there for us when we truly need them, no matter what?

  3. God is always faithful! And, I think He enjoys these times when circumstances allow Him to prove it. I will pray for you both.

  4. Hi, I told you in an email that I had a dream about Dad last night. My first one in almost a year. Michelle he is there helping us all. Love, Mom

  5. When I first met this Family I said "Wow these people are so faithful what great examples for me"! So here I am almost 27 years later saying "How can there be any doubt"? "You have shown me the way"!