Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank God I Have You

Back in the day when my mom stayed at home, I can recall her sharing coffee with a neighbor who was also at home with her kids. Today being a SAHM isn't very common. Add to that where we live... out in the wilderness... having coffee with anther SAHM just isn't in the cards.

I have however been blessed to find other SAHM, who home school, knit, and even some are Catholic that are bloggers like me. Well they are really good at blogging, me I kind of just ramble thoughts out as I type.

It has become almost a ritual for me in the morning. At least the mornings I have no where to be. Turn on the computer, head outside to feed and water the chickens, come in and fix myself a cup of coffee or tea, make Faith and I some breakfast and log on to the computer. Check email, see if there are any new messages from friends and family on Facebook and open my friends blogs and start reading. They even read my blog and often leave me a comment.

Thank you God for blessing me with some really wonderful women out there, such as: Wool and Chocolate, Become What You Are, Mama Midwife and Aussie Coffee Shop.


  1. I think these "mom blogs" are a real blessing, too. I enjoy them with my coffee as well (though NO ONE gets fed before I've had at least a couple of cups! ;) )

    I have ravelry to thank for meeting you! I'm so glad you have a blog because I hardly ever go on ravelry at all, and definitely not to the groups anymore. Does that make me weird?

  2. Drinking coffee together. That is so lovely a thought. I have the same morning routine.

  3. Ravelry has most definitely been the avenue to meet some wonderful women! I only get on to see what my friends have for activity and then I look to see if there are any good questions/conversations on the Catholic forums or GOP forum

  4. I don't drink coffee. I'm a tea girl. But this pregnancy thing makes me have to go non-caffine and that just isn't the same.

    You guys mostly get read while someone is nursing or napping with me and I pick up my blackberry. Of course, that keeps me from commenting when I want to!! So today I am on the real computer to say "Thanks!! I cherish you too!!" Especially the last few weeks or so I have been clinging to my "blog" friends for support and "conversation". It's just sooooo nice to have other homeschoolers, knitters, and moms who know what it's all about. :)