Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Father

This is my first Father's Day with my dad in heaven. Allow me to share a few thoughts I had of him today and what I would say to him if given the chance.

  • thank you for your faith in God and sharing it with your children and grandchildren,
  • I loved the way you could make just about anyone your friend,
  • I will always think about the way you'd smiled at mom (with a glint in your eye) when you thought no one was looking,
  • your talent for emceeing and singing were unprecedented,
  • you were strict when I was growing up, but now I know how right you were,
  • I'm thankful for the way you always provided for us as a family without ever once letting anyone know how difficult it could be some times,
  • I still have the memories of your big hands and the feeling they gave me when you would reprimand me when necessary or stroke my head or my arm when I needed reassurance,
  • there are too many things to tell you that I miss about you, but let me tell you one of silly things, your beautiful handwriting in the annual birthday and Christmas cards.

So dad, last Father's Day you began to share with us the pain you were in with the cancer taking over your body, that memory is slowly beginning to fade for me. Instead I have the 41 years of my life, with you in it, to focus on and to thank God for.

Rest in peace daddy!
9/13/32 - 6/28/09


  1. Michelle, Thanks for posting. It was rough today but another first. I know he is in a better place. I miss his hands, his touch, his smile and yes, his reassurance too. He had great expectations of all you kids but hated to have to be the "bad guy" and tell you exactly what he did expect. He certainly was "SPECIAL". I was proud to have been his wife. We were a great team. Now I have him in heaven making a home for me when my work for the Lord is finished too. Everyone I know speaks so well of him. People were special to him. He loved everyone. He didn't speak about his father much towards the end but just stood holding the family picture and he knew his father loved him so much. He was proud to have been the one on his lap. I think he was thinking, Dad, I'll be joining you soon and was looking forward to the day God would take him home to his Father. He was only 7 when his father was called to heaven and now they are together on their first "Father's Day" in 70 years. Love, Mom

  2. I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful legacy he has given you.
    Fathers Day has always been hard for me. My father never was very much of a Daddy, and Father's day brings out the resentment and hurt of a lifetime of wishing he loved me.
    I am thankful that I found a wonderful father for my kids. My husband is a better dad than I knew was possible.