Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Successes


I realize I don't participate in Small Successes every week, but I try to when I feel I've actually been successful at something. Some weeks I don't feel I've done anything of importance to even mention, maybe this week I will try to be more attentive to the everyday and see if I can participate 2 weeks in a row.

1. School is essentially finished for this year. Jacob and Haley still need to do math, but that was only because we took them both back to redo some lessons they were each struggling with. In a crazy way that is a definite success!!

2. Finished the afghan I was making for my nieces wedding gift. Well except for figuring out how I want to do the border. It is crocheted the way the pattern says, but I'm not happy with it and will most likely rip it out and redo it.

3. The exhaust system on my 11 yo car was getting really noisy and that is now fixed. AND the true success here is that I didn't lose my mind through the process!! I don't always handle life's every day hurdles such as this with grace, but I did. Mostly because my wonderful husband held my hand the entire time.


  1. 1. Congrats! That is why I love homeschooling (well, one of the many reasons...). Even if you have to go back to get something right, you are still successful at the end! We are doing school through the summer just because my kids enjoy it and ask for it every day, "can we do school today, Mama?" SURE!

    2. You finished an afghan that fast!?!? You are awesome! Pictures, I want pictures!

    3. We had car trouble this week, too. I am so glad I have a man to handle all that stuff! Glad yours turned out well.

    I love reading about your successes. It reminds me to look for my own. :)

  2. I know you are like I am. I don't handle upsets easily either. I dwell on things too much. Trivial things! Perfectionist me! Remember only God is perfect! At least we know we have to work at it. Love ya, Mom

  3. Michelle,
    Great list of successes this week! The car stuff can be so challenging. I usually freak but it does help when hubby walks with you through it all. Hope next week is just as productive and peaceful.

  4. I love that my kids always "get A's". If they don't master it the first (or 2d/3d/4th....) time, we can go back until they do. No reason to not master what they learn!