Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Morning Ramblings

It is now 6:35 am, the air is so cool (nice break from the heat), so we have the windows open. I woke about 4:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. After falling asleep about 11:30 pm I'm sure to need a nap later this afternoon. Mike gets up at 5:30 and leaves at 6:00 so I got up with him. RARE but very nice!

I've done all there is to do on the internet so I've decided to go ahead and blog a bit. So many things running through my head that I can't find any peace inside my mind. It is nice to have the birds singing and the sun just peaking over the mountains, thank you Lord for those peaceful pleasures.

Am I the only one who allows their mind to control them so? Is it a mom thing? or genetic?

Think I will go lay in bed while everyone is still asleep and say the rosary... thanks for listening...


  1. Unfortunately I am the same way. It must be genetic or this time in June. I'm afraid it will never go away. I thought of Suzanne a lot this week too. You understand. The 15Th! Both Grandma and Grandpa passed away in July too. Not just Dad in June. Sorry! Not so good memories. Take the best God has and enjoy the Sounds and the View. God Bless! I love you, Mom

  2. I don't usually wake up early, but I do have a hard time getting to sleep from time to time. My husband tells me I have to "turn my mind off". How? I don't know. I have so much to think about and sometimes I can let it carry me away. Praying always helps. Sometimes I wonder if it is a divine insomnia - time to spend with God. Don't get much of that with all these munchkins, now do I?
    Hope you get your nap today. I couldn't live without mine some days.