Saturday, June 26, 2010

How do I spend my time?

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, we live out in the middle of no where. This was, I realize by choice, so I can't complain.

A disadvantage to living so rural is there isn't high speed internet readily available, nor scheduled to be in the near future, through the phone lines. As a result we have to get it through satellite and pay handsomely for it. Even more of a hassle the internet satellite company has structured their plans so the less you pay the less you are allowed to download in a 24 hour period!! (I'm not giving you the name of the company, because if I do I may really go off on a rant. Have never been happy with them.) To top it all off they get you into a contract for 2 years!!!

When we moved here, almost 2 years ago, we found the expense justifiable. The kids need it for school. We can continue to do our home banking. The adjustment to living in the boonies won't be as drastic. The cost of gas to drive all the way to town for free wi-fi wasn't really an option.

As a result we have settled in quite nicely to our routine. Using the internet and paying the bill. However, recently Mike and I have realized we are ALL spending too much time "staying connected". Both computers stay on the kitchen table all day connected to the internet. My computer even gives a little alert signal when email comes into my box!! I'm quick to sit and send off a reply.

We have 4 months left on our contract with the satellite company, but I've reduced our plan significantly. Download amount has been cut drastically. But, this is all for the best! We have set up an hour limit per day for each of us. 30 minutes at a time or however you want to break up your time. The hour rule is more to get us realizing the time we spend using the internet, and hopefully break our poor habits. We have also started shutting the computers down in between, so the temptation isn't there.

It is amazing how after just a couple days of this new routine to realize what a BIG part of MY day I spent just reading and replying to email or reading things on Facebook! I'm disgusted with myself!

This is a positive for all of us, and I'm pleased that Mike and I are setting the example for our kids and correcting the problem. Will keep you posted.... well if I allow enough time for it...


  1. I love this! It has been on my mind to do the same thing, and I need to just do it- I often wonder how much time I waste on the computer and what else I could get done. And yet, here I am on the computer! Well, time to turn it off and do something else :)

  2. It is interesting that I have done this same thing this week. We recently went from dialup to DSL, and being connected all the time has been bad for us. I read my email as soon as it comes in, check my blogs and facebook several times a day and so on. The kids have always had a very limitted amount of computer time per week, but my computer time increased by leaps and bounds! So yesterday, I told the kids that I would blog before breakfast and only do neccesary computer things during the day (bill paying or whatever) and that I would put myself under the same strict time limits as they are on. Yesterday was the first day, and like you, I couldn't believe how many times I had to resist the impulse to sit down at the computer for a couple of minutes! I am excited for all the time that I am going to have freed up to play with the kids and get real life things done.

  3. we had the same thing here and I wasn't getting everything done each day that I wanted too.

    I decided to turn the computers off at 8.00am each morning. The children are allowed on after 2.00 pm if all their school work is finished but I won't let myself on until after 4.00.

    This has been great for us and I too have realised how much time we wasted on the internet.

  4. It can be so difficult to break habits like this!

    I recently had my computer overhauled. When the techs opened it up, they found tons of dust on the innard parts. The dust had caused the computer to overheat, which fried the battery (I have a laptop), even warping it.

    Since I got it back, I've found myself quickly getting my business done and then shutting down the computer...even putting it away in a little bag I prevent this situation from happening again.

    You are so right in that it's been an eye-opener to how much I usually do on the computer!

    Now, of course, I still have my phone that has internet and email, but still, I find myself online a lot less!

    Good for you and your husband for taking this step!

    Oh, and did you know that by shutting off the computers (unplug them too), you're going to save $$ on your electric bill? A nice bonus!!