Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Burger Anyone?

You know I make my own bread and my own bagels right? Well for a LONG time I've even considered trying to make my own hamburger buns. Could never find the courage to tackle it. Every time I put cheeseburgers on the menu that is my plan, but I have always found an excuse to run out and buy them instead.

Yesterday I bit the bullet! I made them.

They were a hit with the family. We even had friends over for dinner and they enjoyed them as well. Yes, that's right we had friends for dinner and I still didn't use that as an excuse to run out and buy them. I'm really proud of myself.

These are the delicious venison burgers before grilling.

We got so busy eating and chatting with friends I did't think to take a photo of anything after they were cooked and put together.

Let me know if you need a good recipe for venison burgers. I made this one up several months ago. It was such a big hit that I've made it the staple recipe. I even shared it with my sister out in Utah when a friend of hers gave her some elk to try. Her family loved it too!

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