Thursday, April 22, 2010

Documentary was Enlightening

My husband and son both hunt so our diet consists mostly of venison from the deer they shoot in the fall. Thankfully God has provided well for us this way.

I bake our bread, rolls, cookies, and pizza using whole wheat flour and limited sugar supplement sweetening with honey.
It can get really expensive to buy all organic, but I do it whenever I can. We have our vegetable garden and pray that will bring enough variety and abundance to keep us going for the summer and fall. We have an abundance of eggs from our free range chickens. Also, we have planted our own fruit trees, but they won't bare fruit for a few years.
There are still some things I purchase from the grocery store that I know aren't the best options, but I feel there is no alternative. Such as chicken, bacon, and dairy products. Options for organic choices for these just don't exist in our area.
Last night on PBS I watched a documentary on the Food industry in America. Scary stuff!! I tossed and turned all night, wondering how I can make more changes in our diet, and still satisfy my kids. Without blowing the food budget.

One thing I'm definitely going to do is have my kids, at least the older 2, watch this documentary. They need to be aware of these scary facts. If they are educated they will know why I'm making the dietary choices I do for them. When they are off on their own they can also make better choices for themselves.

You may want to check the listing and watch it, even if you think you have all the facts there is some really enlightening information you may discover!!

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  1. Your bread is beautiful! I use sucanat to sweeten. Have you heard of it? Honey, too. But I buy raw honey, so it seems silly to bake with it. I really like reading your blog. We do have a lot in common just like you said on Ravelry!
    I find that I am on information overload. THere is only so much I can avoid, afford and implement (health food-wise). So I am on a self-inforced information fast. (You see, I get crazy with things. After learning how bad carpet is, I pulled up all the carpet in the house and now we are living on concrete. Healthy, but not beautiful!) Maybe I will check this out later. I am curious what PBS has to say.
    A great book (I wonder if you have already read it) is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. My mom reads exerpts to her teens for their homeschool health lesson. It is info, but also a cook book. One of my favorite books.
    That was a long comment. My apologies. I guess I just have a few soapboxes. You set it out, I start to preach! :)