Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Will Someone Please Listen?

Today's post is going to be a place for me to voice some frustration, and I will warn it has built up. If you aren't Catholic you may think I'm ridiculous, so I apologize before hand.

We belong to a sweet small satellite Catholic church here in Central Virginia. People are kind and because there are so few of us pretty close. Not much can happen that we don't all notice or know about.

It happened some time ago I noticed a young altar server chewing gum during mass! Then I realized that cow cud chewing noise I was hearing on a regular basis was coming from another young adult chewing her gum behind us. What was that over there? A young mother, who prides herself on her Catholic faith and beliefs, chewing gum! All around the church every week, usually the same culprits chewing their gum. These people participate in the mass in different capacities all chewing their gum. Walking up to communion chewing their gum! UGH!!

Then I begin to feel guilty. I'm spending my quality once a week prayer time, and presence with the blessed sacrament time noticing all these faults!! UGH!!

Why doesn't our pastor notice? Why doesn't someone tell them what they do isn't right? UGH!!

Then I notice the short skirts, bare shoulder and low cut tops! One more thing that urks me!! UGH!!

Is this satan trying to ruin my time with God? I'm not sure, but I guess I should continue to offer it up in prayer because it really does consume me. Thanks for listening...


  1. Oh this is so interesting, because my bible study lecture today was EXACTLY about what to do in dealing with these annoyances! We have been studying Romans and a priest gives a lecture to summarize our study each week and the first line from the lecture is: "And what if the actions of our neighbor infuriates us? How are we to love them, edify them?" And boy, I could write down a page full of notes b/c the lecture was just that good, but I'll try to give you the main points.
    *We should be truthful and charitable: can't compromise on truth but also give an abundance of charity/love. He gave the example of St. Augustine...what sort of "interactions" helped make him become the Saint he became (since for many years he was not Christian)?
    *Anger is a natural response to an injustice, but when we have anger, there is no desire to extend the truth charitably. So we must think of the person who God created them to be, not "the person who did such and such".
    *When we imagine them as who God created them to become, we see their potential and we can commit to fight/pray for them.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I find myself doing the same thing sometimes in church...and the truth is we just have to realize that we all have sins/faults and they are all different. Hers might be chewing gum, another's is road rage, another drinking too much, etc...We still have to deal with each other in their fallen condition, but now we have the inspiration to deal with them in truth and charity.

    Hope that makes sense! I'm going to start applying it to my own daily situations for sure!

  2. Angela, Thank you so much for your input! It really does help. Not so sure I made it clear in my post, I do realize that this is mostly my struggle and not the person doing the distracting annoyance so you comment is perfect and welcomed.

    On another note I think it is a little strange, although I know nothing is coincidental, that you were my one comment today. You were in my thoughts and prayers today, even mentioned you to my husband. I had watched the story of T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs and their son Thomas, of whom I'm sure you are familiar already. (If not I saw it here: Couldn't help but have you, your family and Mary Grace in my prayers as a result. Much Blessings your way!