Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Garden of Eden

If anyone out there can walk into a garden center and actually come out with nothing... you deserve a medal in my opinion.

Granted there is always the budget to consider when putting oneself into such a position, but even the smallest of budgets (like ours) has just a little money to spare for another plant, tree, shrub, or flower!!

Lowes was having a really good sale on top soil!! You saw what our soil looked like in a previous post so we really couldn't pass up an opportunity to get good soil cheap. 40lb. bags for $1.33 each, buy one get one!!!

While perusing the other plants, trees and flowers (because who can't go in without at least looking around?) we ended up with a couple of eggplant plants, 2 more tomato plants and these little beauties...

Oh my gosh, they really have us believing we can plant a lemon and lime tree into a pot leave them out all summer and bring them in for the cold months? The tag even says can grow to 20' tall!! We're actually going to "Grow Our Own" and "Enjoy Your Harvest"?

Yeah feeling a little like a "sucker" this morning! Then I figure at $2.50 for each tree, Mike and I can at least enjoy the dream of growing our own lemons and limes for a time in our own little Garden of Eden here in Virginia.

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