Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer's End

Here is my newest sweater! Finished it Monday. It still needs to be blocked and buttons added (haven't bought them yet), but I am soo excited couldn't wait to share it.

This photo really shows the tweed of the yarn.

Will try to remember to post a photo of me wearing it.

The pattern is Summer's End, using Plymouth Tweed.


  1. It turned out lovely! Can't wait to see it on. What are your thoughts on the yarn? I am looking for a good tweed for a sweater for my husband. The yarn called for in the pattern is retired.

  2. "Rustic" is the best way to describe this yarn. 100% wool, very scratchy, as it should be. I have another sweater I made in with Tahki Tweed, that is a really nice tweed choice.