Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gardening and Outdoor Fun

Mike will probably be upset with me for showing this photo because it is over a week old and the garden is completely tilled now. But, I wanted to share with you all the work my husband put in to making our back yard into the garden.
He has done a wonderful job! We have: lettuce, spinach, peas, radishes and potatoes in the ground already. We will be planting the beets we have started in trays in the next week or so.

Our landscaping may be a work in progress for several years, but we just have to have a garden! So what grass was growing in the back yard got dug up! Feeding the family is more important.

Adventure for the Week
On Tuesday afternoon we were all outside doing this and that, when Jake came across this little guy walking around the yard.

Now it is technically a homing pigeon, but I prefer to think of it as a visit from the Holy Spirit. It spent most of the afternoon just walking around our yard.
Mike gave it a tray of water to drink and it found some cracked corn that had been placed out for the deer to eat. After watching this little thing for several hours it didn't appear to be seriously hurt, we figured it was just tired and week.

I made a call to our veterinarian to find out if they knew of anyone locally that may raise and keep homing pigeons. After a few phone calls we talked to a local elderly man who had raised and raced pigeons for most of his life. He told us he would take it and keep it with his own he no longer races, if we could catch it.

Mike and I together, each armed with a towel, made attempts to catch it. It however flew in a tree and wasn't reachable. We gave up and continued to watch it make short flights around the yard and follow our chickens around. By evening it was no where to be found and we assumed it had moved on after resting.

Morning came and Haley saw it again wandering around. She told Mike and I she could catch and went out. We just looked at each other and smiled to ourselves thinking, "yeah right". A few minutes later, our little "Ellie May Clampet" walked in with this:
We don't have a lot of excitement around here, but this qualified for this week!

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