Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yesterday I ended up enjoying the outdoors and planted my day lilies. My friend stopped in and also gave me some hyacinth bulbs. Got right to work and put those in too. (The spindly green things on the right in the photo. LOL)

At church, last night, a friend gave me some clippings from her spearmint. I planted those this morning in my pajamas!! No photo to share from that! (Probably would have been if Mike had been home. LOL)

Mike and I are both feeling overwhelmed again with the amount of work our yard needs. Between trying to get grass to grow and putting in a vegetable garden it can really overpower a person. We'll just continue to lean on one another and inspire each other and know that it even took God 6 days of work to create the world and all that is in it.

After all that work...
Allowed myself some much needed downtime with the knitting needles last night. Although I didn't finish the sweater yet I was able to finish up another dish cloth.

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