Friday, April 16, 2010

More yarn? Is it necessary?

The spring fever sweater I'm knitting, ironically the pattern is Summer's End, is nearing finishing. I've also been working on new dish clothes for my kitchen here and there.

Like every good knitter I have a yarn stash, but somehow still can't avoid purchasing new yarn.
In my defense this purchase is for a specific project. I'm going to to make an afghan for my niece and her fiancé as a wedding gift, the wedding will be in August.

Now to find just the right pattern to crochet or knit... any suggestions?


  1. Who needs an excuse to buy yarn? I don't. (just a good hiding place!) I am intimidated by afghan knitting, but if I were to ever do it, I know exactly the one. It is found here
    You have probably seen it... Can't wait to see what that beautiful yarn turns into!

  2. That is an awesome pattern, but I don't have enough yarn for that one. Plus, I think I will go with something a little less complicated as a gift. The last afghan I made was knitted, wasn't crazy about knitting an afghan. Leaning more toward crocheting this time. Thanks for the encouragement on the purchase of more yarn. (Just the excuse I needed.)

  3. New yarn is always necessary. It keeps us excited about starting new projects!

    No suggestions for the yarn, though. I typically do not buy that many skeins of the same yarn, so I have no clue!