Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Things

Good Job
I did it!! I blogged every day this week and I'm still going strong!! Yay me! Hopefully no one was put to sleep too easily out there! LOL

We celebrated Pope Benedict's birthday yesterday. We made cupcakes that were decorated with his Coat of Arms and the #83. (Got these from Catholic Cuisine)
You can see my color cartridge is empty, but we still thought of him when eating them.
We also had Bratwurst for dinner.

Oh what to do?
Almost finished with my spring fever sweater I can taste it... It could easily be finished today... well all except the buttons, haven't found any yet... But the weather outside is perfect for working in the yard, cool 60's, breezy and not too sunny. My friend and neighbor gave me some clippings from her day lilies that I really should get planted. Oh the dilemma of what to do...

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