Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions! And no answers!

Typically when I'm nearing the end of a knitting project I have 5 ideas in my head for what is next. This time however, I'm at a bit of a loss! I know it is crazy!!

Do I want to make Faith a dress for summer?
This is a great pattern that I've made 3 times now, but.... nah! this one still fits well.

Do I want to make another felted bag?
I don't think so. There isn't a need yet for another felted bag.

My brother Bill will be turning 50 in May 2011. I could go ahead and knit him a sweater for that and give it to him early so he can get plenty of use from it through this coming winter.
Still plenty of time to do that, no need to start now! Plus I need to buy yarn to make it and I really should be using stash!

Well I could just focus on finishing the pair of socks I'm working on.
That won't work! They are more than 75% finished too!

Great! Now I've realized I also need to figure out what socks I'm casting on next!

Ugh! Any ideas? Anyone?


  1. I love Faith's dress. What yarn did you use and how does it hold up? I have wanted to make dresses for my girls, but I am afraid of stretching, snagging and pilling. But, that is adorable.
    Sorry, I know that I didn't help you there. :)
    Ummm, what's in your ravelry queue? Oh! Oh! I know. The skirtsicle could use stash yarn (think stripes or fair isle), be like a dress for Faith, and a quick knit so if you change your mind, it won't take long to finish. And it is number three in your queue!
    Problem solved. You're welcome. :)

  2. I highly recommend the "Kai-Mei" pattern for socks. I just finished one of the socks (and cast on for #2) and it is a really fun, neat, and unique pattern.

    Wool and Chocolate has me thinking about my ravelry queue. I totally forgot I had one of those. I think I use it more for patterns I don't want to forget about. :) My priorities have changed a bit with this baby coming along.

    What pattern did you use for the felted bag? It's really nice. Wait - I bet I could just look on your project page *head smack*.

    My pregnancy brain combined with no sleeping is leaving me feeling fuzzy.